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Plinth Gallery, Denver, Colorado, USA

Curated Ceramics, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Usa

Kolbo Gallery, Brookline, Massachusetts, USA

Land of Israel Museum, (MUZA), Tel Aviv, Israel


Exhibitions (selection from last 10 years)

2024      Indian Ceramic Biennale, In Transit, New Delhi, India

2023      Jingdezhen Ceramic biennale, Jingdezhen China          

              Nanyang Clay Group International Exhibition, Singapore 

      Mehmet Nuri Gocen Symposium and exhibition, Kusadasi, Turkey

      Residency & exhibition Mark Rothko Museum , Latvia 

      LexArt Biannual Exhibition, lexington, Ma , USA

      Residency & Exhibition Lapota, Georgia

      Art & Design Biennale, Muza Museum, Tel-Aviv

2022    "Smoke, Fire, Clay" Solo Exhibition, BY/5 Gallery, Tel-Aviv, israel, Book  

             “Planet Earth”, 40th international exhibition, Pro Tadina, Italy, Catalogue

             Mehmet Nuri Gocen Symposium and exhibition, Kusadasi, Turkey

             Bling Bling”, Carouge Museun, Geneva, Switzerland, Catalogue

             “On The Table” Lexington Art Gallery, Lexington, Ma, USA

             “Sailing nowhere” Yavne Gallery, Yavne, Israel, Catalogue

2021     The fourth Shanghai International Woodfired Ceramic Festival, China 

              People First, Beauty in One World, Shenzhen China

              Resounaance, Giveatain Municipal Gallery, Giveataim israel

              3rd Latvia Ceramic Biennale, Mark Rothko Center, Martison Award Latvia

             "1+x+y=Composition"  Miveshala Gallery, Tiveon, Israel

2020     “Birds on a Steep Slop” Israel Art Biennale. Muza Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Juried exhibition 


              “Birds Eye View” Miveshala Gallery, Tiveon, Israel

              “Out of Lines”- Cracks - Benyamini Contemporary Ceramic Center Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.  

2019    Shangyu Celadon center, Shangyu, China

             "Art for Peace", Zibo, China, Catalogue

              International Macsabal wood firing symposium & exhibition, Zibo, China

             "The other side of the vessel", Artists House, Tel-Aviv, israel, Catalogue

             "1+x+y=Composition"  Yavne, City gallery, Israel

              Nuri Gocen Museum, Kusadase, Turkey, Group exhibition

             "Finding the Authentic Self", Sabes JCC Gallery, Curated Ceramics Exhibition, Minneapolis, Mn. USA 

2018    "Foot Print" Mural made with Island student, Nevis, St. Kits- Nevis

            Yingee Ceramic Musem, IAC Curated Exhibition Taipei, Taiwan

    "Dream" Exhibition BY5 Gallery, Tel-Aviv 

    "Gold" exhibition, Miveshala Gallery, Tiveon, Israel

    "Shadow in Smoke", Plinth Gallery, Denver Colorado, USA.  Solo Exhibition  

            ICAN Juried exhibition, NCECA 2018, Pittsburg, Pa.USA

    MIMO Gallery, Faenza, Italy

            What’s in your plate, The Gallery of the Academic Center, Haifa, Israel

            20 Years to Periscope Gallery, Periscope Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2017   D1D2D3,  BY5 Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

            Cluj International Ceramic Biennale, Cluj Napuka, Romania, Catalogue (Award)

            Tearing Down Babylon Tower, Binyamin Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

            Water loving Clay, Mivshala Gallery, Tiveon, Israel

            International Symposium and exhibition, V-oglje, Sencur, Slovenia

,           Bodyblaze, Periscope Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Solo exhibition, Catalogue.

2016   Personal Seals, Benyamini Contemporary Ceramic Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Solo exhibition. Catalogue

            Latvia International Ceramic Biennale, Mark Rothko art centre, Latvia. Juried exhibition, Catalogue.

            Sealed Smoke, Israel Biennale. Muza Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Juried exhibition. Catalogue.

            Three Internationals-3 Way, Gallery Yuragi. Kyoto, Japan. Group exhibition.

            Ceramics and Tea, Keramiekcentrum Tiendschuur Tegelen. Tegelen, Netherlands.Group exhibition.

2015   Art for Peace, Turkey-Korean Center, Ankara, Turkey. Group exhibition, Catalogue.

            Beyond Vessels, Benyamini Contemporary Ceramic Center Gallery, Juried exhibition, Catalogue.

            Group exhibition, Nuri Gocen Museum, Kusadase, Turkey.

            In House, Benyamini Contemporary Ceramic Center Gallery. Group exhibition.       

            Le Urne, Vallauris Institute of Art, Vallauris, France, Juried exhibition.

            Ceramics and Tea, Keramikmuseum, Westerwald, Germany. group exhibition.

            Mungyeong Tea bowl festival, exhibition and workshop, Juried exhibition, Catalogue.

2014   Group exhibition, Sepica Gallery, Tokoname, Japan.

            Group exhibition, Tel-Hashomer, Israel.

            Group exhibition, Nuri Gocen Museum, Kusadase, Turkey.

            Group exhibition, Hojorts Fabric Museum, Bornholm, Denmark. Catalogue.

            Feast, Benyamini Contemporaray Ceramic Center. Juried exhibition, Catalogue.

            8th Biannual State of Clay, Lexington, Massachusetts, USA. Juried exhibition, Catalogue.

2013   Cluj International Ceramic Biennale, Cluj, Romania (permanent collection),  Catalogue.

            Tea Bowl Competition, Mungyeong, S. Korea. Catalogue, (Bronze prize).

            Group exhibition, Gallery ASO, Deago, S.Korea.

            Imprinting on Clay, Ceramic Biennale, MUZA Museum (permanent collection), Catalogue.

            Smoke, Opera House, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Solo exhibition, Catalogue.

2012   Ceramica Multiplex, Varazdin, Croatia, and Kafenberg, Austria (permanent collection)

            I nternational Triennial Unicum 2012, Slovenia, Catalogue

            Boxes, Synagogue, Maribor, Slovenia.

            Mungyeong Tea bowl festival, exhibition and workshop Juried exhibition, Catalogue.

            Sound of Earth, Vilfrid Israel Museum, Hazorea, Israel- Juried exhibition, Catalogue

 2011  Ceramic now exhibition, Paint Brush factory, Cluj-Napoca and Galateea Gallery, Bucharest,                               Romania, Catalogue.

            1st Kaolin cup China international Ceramic Art Contest & Exhibition, Jingdezhen,             China.                (Selected Excellent work), Juried exhibition, Catalogue.

            Mungyeong Tea bowl festival, exhibition and workshop Juried exhibition, Catalogue.

            Tel-Aviv Gnagjin travel Notes, Tirosh Art Space, Old Jaffa, Israel, Group exhibition.

            Walls, Kahana House, Ramat-Gan Museum, Israel, solo exhibition, Catalogue.

2010   Group Exhibition, Internacional de Ceràmica l’Alcora Museum, Alcora, Spain. Juried exhibition.

            Gangjin International Ceramic Artists Exhibition, Gangjin, S. Korea. Juried exhibition, Catalogue.

            1st international China Shanghai International Modern pot art Biennale, Shanghai, China.                                     (permanent collection), Juried Exhibition, Catalogue. 


            Voyage through Jaffa, A 180 sf Mural commissioned by the city of Tel-Aviv.        

            Territory & Identity, Israel Ceramic Biennale. Muza Museum and multiple other exhibitions.


Lectures, residencies, workshops Etc

Multiple workshops in Boston, lexington Ma USA, Izmir Turkey during 2022-2024, guest artists in Georgia and Mark Rothko ctr, Latvia 2023.

Guest artists Pottery school and workshop, Needham, Ma. USA 2022-2024.

Multiple workshops in Jaffa Israel 2020-2021& collaborting with Caai (Israeli ceramic Association).

Invited Demo Artists NCECA 2021

Residency at Shangyu Celadon Center, China, five weeks 2019

Lecture at Shanghai Institute of Art, Shanghai, China 2019 

Judge, Cluj Ceramic Biennale, Cluj, Romania, 2019

Residency & workshop, Kusadasi Turkey, 2019

Symposium and exhibition, "Art for Peace" Zibo, China, 2019

Teaching at the Harvard University Ceramic Program, Summer 2019.

Teaching at the Benyamini Contemporary Ceramic Center, 2013-present.

Master classes, workshops and Lecturing in Multiple ceramic centers, Demonstration at NCECA 2018 Pittsburg, Pa, in India February 2018

Residency-Diagonal 11, @ exhibition in Tuscany, Italy

Residency in Slovenia 2017

Workshop @ Midwestern University, Texas, 2016.

Residency and workshops, Hecettepe University, Ankara, Turkey, 2015.

Residency & workshop, Kusadasi Turkey, 2014-15.

Visiting lecturer, Mungyeong Tea Bowl Festival, South Korea, 2011-13, 2015.

Visiting artist, workshop and lectures, Bornholm Ceramic School, Bornholm, Denmark, 2014.

Visiting artist & lecturer, Harvard University Ceramic Program, Cambridge, Ma. USA 2008, 2010-11.


S. Korea: Mungyeong Tea Bowl Museum, Gangjin Museum

China: Art & Craft Museum Shanghai, International Modern Pot Art Museum, Yxing.

Europe: Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Germany & others.

Israel: Ramat Gan-Museum, Muza Museum, Tel-Aviv.

Multiple private collections in Israel, Europe, Korea, China, Japan, USA.

Citations and Publications

Terra Sigillata, Smoke, Fire & Clay, Shamai Sam Gibsh, Book, Amazon, 2022

Mastering Kilns and Firing, Lindsay Oesterritter, Quarrt Books, 2019
Terra Sigillata Contemporary Technique, Rhonda Willers, Ceramic Art network, 2019 (a Book)

Neue keramik Magazine, Germany & Europe, January, 2018

ICAN Magazine, NCECA 2018

Portfolio Magazine, Yuval Saar, September 12, 2018

Artisans of Israel: Transcending Tradition, Lynn Holstein, Arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2017. (a Book)

Portfolio magazine, April 6, 2017

Ceramics art & Perception, Volume 103, 2016.

500 Prints on Clay, Lark books, 2013. 

Ceramic Now Magazine, 2011.

1280°C Israeli Ceramic Magazine (Multiple times).  

Home & landscape Magazine, 2008.

Design & Architecture, 2008, 2011., ,


BSME Cal Poly Pomona Ca, 1980.

MBA Studies, Tel-Aviv University 1989.

Ceramic studio, BCAE Boston, 1995.

Giveat Haviva Ceramics School, Israel 2000-6.

Harvard University Ceramic Studio 2002-13.



IAC Council, Middle east rep. IAC, International Academy of Ceramics

Artaxis –Independent network of Artists.

Advisory Board member ICAN (Potters Council), USA.

NCECA, The National Council on Education for the ceramic Arts in the USA .

CAAI, Israel Ceramic Association.

Mentoring program, Bezalel Ceramic Academy, Jerusalem, Israel.  


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