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My book "Terra Sigillata Smoke, Fire & Clay" is avilable to purchase in Amazon in every country. 


Residency &  Exhibtion Kusadasi, Turkey, October 2023

Residency & exhibition Mark Rothko Museum , Latvia, June 2023

LexArt Biannual Exhibition, lexington, Ma , USA, May 2023

Residency & Exhibition Lapota, Georgia, May 2023

Art Biennale, Muza Museum, Tel-Aviv, March 2023

Smoke, Fire, Clay December 2022, BY/5 Gallery Tel-Aviv

Bling Bling, Carouge Museum, Geneva, Switzerland, Sept. 2022

Kusadasi, Turky, September 2022

     “Planet Earth" 40th international exhibition, Pro Tadina, Italy, Catalogue


     “On The Table” Lexington Art Gallery, Lexington, Ma, USA, 2022

     3rd Latvia Ceramic Biennale, Mark Rothko Center, Martison Award                         Latvia, summer 2021

     "1+x+y=Composition"  Miveshala Gallery, Tiveon, Israel April 2021

Art Biennale, Muza Museum Tel Aviv through 2020-2021

"Birds Eye" Mivshala, Tiveon, August 2020

"Out of Lines" Benyamini ctr, Tel Aviv through August 2020


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