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The Link to my new book "TERRA SIGILLATA Smoke, Fire & Clay and  several digital Catalogs and video here of recent exhibitions, a video visit to my studio and some instructional videos,in addition some Terra Sigillata recipes and process.
My Book  "Terra Sigillata Smoke, Fire & Clay"  @ Amazon
"Smoke, Fire, Clay" solo exhibition video & pictures  2022-23
"Birds Eye View" exhibition Video 2020

"Shadows in Smoke" - Solo exhibition, Plinth Gallery, Denver Co. August 2018  

"Bodyblaze" - Solo Exhibition, Periscope Gallery, Tel-Aviv, April 2017

"Personal Seals" - Solo Exhibition, Benyamini Contemporary Ceramic Center, Tel-Aviv, September 2016

Tour of my studio - Video 2020

Making a plate - Video 2020

Making a bowl - Video 2020


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